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Shred-Safe provides customized paper shredding services in North Carolina that assist businesses in complying with legislation while protecting confidential business information. With our strict chain-of-custody processes, and reliable on-time service, Shred-Safe paper shredding provides secure and efficient confidential paper shredding service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Thomasville NC, High Point NC, Greensboro NC, Concord NC and Salsbury NC. Call us at 1.888.703.5546

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As a NAID member, Shred-Safe Paper Shredding of Thomasville NC, adheres to the stringent security practices and procedures established by the National Association for Information Destruction.

Destruction Guarantee

Our customers receive a certificate of destruction at the conclusion of every visit to ensure safety.


I am writing in reference to Shred-Safe Document Destruction Services, Inc., a company which provides secure shredding services to businesses and residents in the Triad area. As the environmental services coordinator for Guilford County, one of my areas of responsibility is to provide information about secure and responsible disposal alternatives for the residents and businesses in our community. As part of our public outreach and education, we host recycling/disposal events where residents can drop off hard to dispose of materials at no cost. Document shredding has always been a big concern voiced by those who participate in these events. In 2011, I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with Vaughn Wilbur, Vice President of Shred-Safe. After discussing our program with Vaughn, he offered to bring his shredding truck to our events and provide safe, onsite shredding for residents at no cost.

The service Shred-Safe provides has proven to be perfect for our events. The truck takes in the documents and shreds them while the residents watch. This provides them with the knowledge that any personal information contained in their paperwork has been destroyed right then and there. Vaughn and his staff provide courteous service, including assistance in removing the documents from residents' vehicles and answering any questions or concerns they might have. In addition, Shred-Safe staff always arrive on time with working equipment and sufficient capacity to service our event participants. I have also come to depend on the reports Vaughn provides, indicating the weight of the documents taken in from each event and the date the shredded materials are taken to the paper recycler.

I would highly recommend the document destruction services of Shred-Safe. The performance of their staff and equipment has always been impeccable and working with Vaughn has always been a pleasure.


Susan A. Heim
Environmental Services Coordinator

Shred-Safe has provided shredding services to Brinkley Walser for 10 months. We currently have their services under contract to pick-up at regular intervals and to assist us in a yearly purge.

Shred-Safe is always consistent and timely in their pick-up service and I found their cost to be very reasonable. After meeting with Vaughn and discussing our needs, we were able to arrange for a larger container which decreased the services pick-ups needed and thus saving the firm money.

Please feel free to contract me if you have any further questions about our service with Shred-Safe.

Karen Greene
Business Manager
Brinkley Walser, PLLC

Mountcastle Insurance has been using Shred-Safe for our document shredding services for the past year. I left one of the bigger named document shredding services that I had been using for several years and have no regrets as to the change.

I have encountered no problems with the company. They are always prompt when I need service, as I am on an "as needed basis" of service. They also are very flexible when it comes to a purge done only occasionally. Shred-Safe also serves our office in Winston-Salem.

Tammy Pack
Mountcastle Insurance

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